Employees from every YRMC facility gathered in the cafeteria at YRMC West in Prescott as the time approached for the 2017 Employee of the Year celebration. The hospital photographer was on hand to capture the excitement of the moment and the room was decorated for “Decision 2017 – Celebrating Employee Excellence!”

As YRMC’s President and CEO, John Amos, began the celebration, 10 of the 11 2017 Employee of the Month recipients gathered, anxiously awaiting the announcement. One by one, John introduced and recognized them individually for their contributions to YRMC:

  • January: Jennifer Worner, East Campus Breast Care Center
  • February: Paula Beltran, East Campus Environmental Services
  • March: Renae Pace, East Campus Emergency Services
  • April: Bruce Thornbrugh, West Campus Biomedical Engineering
  • May: Monica Tobin, West Campus Medical/Surgical
  • June: Hannah Haywood, West Campus Cardiovascular Intensive Care
  • July: Amy Reyes, West Campus Cardiac Rehabilitation
  • August: Russell Schwartz, West Campus Surgical Services
  • September: Laurie Cortney, Del E. Webb Rehabilitation Services
  • October: Derek Clark, West Campus Pharmacy
  • November: Katie Ferguson, PhysicianCare Family Medicine

Each Employee of the Month received a special certificate to commemorate the occasion. As John read excerpts from the nomination forms, there was a quiet hush in the room. And the winner of the 2017 Employee of the Year goes to…Hannah Haywood, Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit!

Hannah stated her reaction to the announcement was one of complete surprise. “I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! I started recognizing the comments and was stricken with fear over the thought of approaching the podium. However, the feeling of fear was soon replaced with copious amounts of gratitude as I realized just how honored I felt! I am still in the process of wrapping my mind around the astonishing fact that I received such an award! I am beyond thankful for each and every team member that believed I had the capability to be awarded this esteemed title.”