Your kids can probably come up with at least 10 reasons to join the Yavapai Regional Medical Center (YRMC) Kids’ Fun Ride. But, we’re betting we’ll have you ready to register your young cyclists at five reasons.

Let’s begin with the basics about the YRMC Kids’ Fun Ride. The ride is part of the Whiskey Off-Road weekend and is scheduled:

Sunday, April 28, 2019
9:00 – 10:15 am
Riders start on Montezuma Street near Prescott Courthouse Plaza
(Helmets required)
Learn how to register for the ride!

Now, for the five reasons to register for the YRMC Kids’ Fun Ride.

Reason 1 – Cycling builds healthy bodies.
Cycling is an excellent way for kids to strengthen the large muscles in their legs. When kids exercise their legs, their heart rates also increase. This means bicycling is both a strengthening exercise and an aerobic exercise—a double benefit. You have to love that!

Reason 2 – Biking boosts confidence.
Riding a bike gives children a sense of accomplishment and independence. It helps them become more aware of their surroundings and builds responsibility. In fact, bike riding can be a stress reliever and mood enhancer for kids. Your children will be very proud after the YRMC Kids’ Fun Ride when they receive a special medal for completing the ride.

Reason 3 – Bike riding helps kids maintain a healthy weight.
Sedate lives can result in weight gain. Biking is the perfect answer to keep your child at a healthy weight. In fact, kids burn off about 118-172 calories an hour while bike riding.

Reason 4 – Bike riding strengthens family bonds.
Biking is an activity that spans generations. Children, parents and grandparents can pedal together for exercise and fun. YRMC is all about supporting families, that’s why parents can bike, ride or jog with their children during the YRMC Kids’ Fun Ride.

Reason 5 – The YRMC Kids’ Fun Ride combines art and exercise.
Kids feel good when they create something on their own. That’s why YRMC is sponsoring the Kids’ Bike Decorating Party. We’ll provide the crafts – beads, streamers, twists, stickers and more – and your children can bring their bikes and imaginations. Here’s more about this free party:

Kids’ Bike Decorating Party
Saturday, April 27, 2019
12:00 – 4:00 pm
(or until all of the bike bling is gone)
Holiday Courtyard
150 South Montezuma Street

A Bonus: The Fun Ride Fee is On YRMC
We’re tossing in two bonus reasons that adults will want their youngsters to join the YRMC Kids’ Fun Ride. First, the $10 registration fee will be covered by YRMC. Second, for every child who registers, YRMC will donate $10 to Prevent Child Abuse Arizona.

For more information about the YRMC Kids’ Fun Ride, visit the Whiskey Off-Road YRMC Kids’ Fun Ride and follow YRMC on Facebook.