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When the holiday season comes around each year, I start thinking about food (even more than I usually do!), and what I can prepare to make the holidays special.

I do enjoy making holiday meals that take a little more time to prepare and that are a bit more decadent than usual, but my meals are still always based on plants! In fact, holiday meals are perfect for highlighting and celebrating the season’s bounty, especially in this part of the world, where we can grow crops year-round and also buy super-fresh produce at the summer and winter Prescott Farmers Markets.

Vegetable-based dishes can add lighter flavors and textures to super-rich holiday meals, often making those meals much more memorable and satisfying. Seasonal vegetables are also quite affordable, and even the most common and unremarkable vegetable can be dressed up and made fancy for the holiday table.

So in this video I prepare one of my favorite dishes to make; Carrot Soup with Warm Spices as part of any celebration, using inexpensive and seasonal ingredients.

The folks here at Your Healthy Kitchen and at YRMC wish you happy, healthy holidays!

Thanks for checking us out – we’ll see you again soon!

or click here to watch A Healthy Holiday Recipe video on YouTube.

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