A Story of Hope

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For Kim, life could not have been better. She was married to the man of her dreams, had a job she enjoyed, and was surrounded by family and friends.

But Kim’s good life was shattered when, following her regular mammography exam, she received a call telling her to contact her physician immediately. Kim learned two suspicious lumps had been found. A biopsy confirmed Kim had breast cancer.

“I was absolutely devastated. I was frantic,” says Kim. “I kept thinking – how much time do I have? What about my children, my husband, my grandchildren?  I was being overwhelmed with so much medical information and advice! What I really needed was someone to talk to, someone to listen to me.”

Kim met with the Director of the BreastCare Center at YRMC East in Prescott Valley – Nancy Ledoyen, an oncology nurse with 25 plus years’ experience. “I tell people the biggest myth about breast cancer is the belief that I won’t get it,” states Ledoyen. “The truth is one in seven women will. When Kim came to our Center I knew she was the unlucky one of those seven. She was so scared.”

“I can’t say enough about Nancy and her team at the BreastCare Center. They have the latest technology and are extremely well-trained and professional. But the thing that really sets them apart is the caring and healing environment they have created. They cared about me and cared for me not as a patient but as a person,” Kim says with a smile.

“Together we reviewed my diagnosis, looked at all the statistics, and discussed my treatment options,” says Kim. “I talked about my life and about my goals. And Nancy listened. She’s one of my angels!”

Kim’s cancer was treated aggressively. Following her surgery she underwent chemotherapy treatment and 38 radiation therapy sessions.

That was two years ago. And, while she says she approaches life with “guarded optimism” Kim will also tell you life is once again good. “My husband and I are stronger and happier than ever. We are surrounded by caring family and friends. We’re so grateful for all that we have.”

The YRMC BreastCare Center was founded, thanks to the charitable support received from individuals like you.  Today, community support helps the Center provide screening mammograms for women with little or no insurance, fund breast cancer awareness, community outreach and education programs, and much more.

Click here to watch The BreastCare Center at YRMC East: Virtual Tour on YouTube.


You can help the Center continue this important work. Please make a donation to the YRMC Foundation today. Your gift will bring health, healing, and hope to people like Kim.   Please contact the Foundation at (928) 771-5686 to make your gift in memory of someone or to honor a loved one.


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