A Visit to Whipstone Farm – YRMC Your Healthy Kitchen

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We’re visiting Whipstone Farm in Paulden, Arizona today where they’re harvesting fresh produce for the weekly farmers market in Prescott. Whipstone is one of more than 60 local vendors who sell their high quality, locally grown food each Saturday morning in Prescott. Shanti Rade is the owner of Whipstone and has invited us to go behind the scenes to see how this wonderful produce gets to your table. Thank you Shanti for this wonderful invitation and for this incredible interview!

We also had a chance to tag along Saturday morning at the Yavapai College parking lot where the vendors were hard at work setting up for a busy day at the Prescott Farmers Market.

Shanti and the crew from Whipstone Farm brought crates of beautiful carrots, tomatoes, greens and lots more, picked fresh just yesterday. We are so fortunate to be able to buy colorful, nutritious and delicious produce, lovingly grown and harvested right here in our area! Truly, from the field to your table – with lots of dedication and hard work in-between!

A special thanks to Shanti and the wonderful folks at Whipstone Farm for this knowledgeable and amazing experience! Until next time, I hope to see you soon at the Prescott Farmers Market!

or click here to watch A Visit to Whipstone Farm on YouTube.