Add Variety to Your Diet – Starting with Breakfast!

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Shake up your morning with a powerhouse breakfast. Try ingredients like quinoa, buckwheat and amaranth for a new way to start your day. Rita Carey Rubin, Registered Dietician, Diabetes Educator and host of Yavapai Regional Medical Center’s Your Healthy Kitchen says that many people tend to be creatures of habit, especially around mealtime. “Without variety, our diets can be deficient in important nutrients and we can also develop intolerances to food if we eat them every day and at every meal,” Rita says. “It can also get pretty boring!”

Rita recommends adding variety, beginning with breakfast. On AZTV’s Sandy and Friends, Rita shares a delicious quinoa breakfast recipe, created by AZTV’s camera operator and social media coordinator, Jan Gotland. Jan has the right idea for a satisfying start to the day.

Click here to watch Add Variety to Your Diet, Starting with Breakfast! on YouTube.

Rita points out that amaranth and quinoa are actually related to spinach, and buckwheat is related to rhubarb. Although they are not true grains, they are higher in protein and fiber that grains, and they’re gluten free. “They are also packed with calcium, iron, magnesium and other important nutrients,” she says. “In addition, they don’t raise blood sugar levels as much as true grains.”

You can try Jan’s Breakfast Quinoa at home. Just click on the link below to download or print the recipe:

And here’s one more delicious breakfast grain recipe to try:

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