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I decided that today we’ll be making some delicious and unusual types of pesto from unexpected ingredients with our very special guest, Aimee Novak, owner of Soldi Back Alley Bistro in Prescott. Welcome to ‘Aimee Novak’s Pesto Possibilities’.

In this video you’ll discover a whole new way of looking at pesto and some of the many nutrient-packed ingredients that can be used to switch up the flavors and match your pesto to the seasons. Be sure to check out Aimee’s pesto recipes, plus a link to the Lemony Barley Salad with Kale Pesto recipe right below. Also check out our Cooking with Kale video for a Kale and Beet Pesto recipe and so much more!

I want to send Aimee a special thank you for taking time out of her busy day to share these amazing recipes and her wonderful talents with us!

OK folks, fire up those food processors, and we’ll see you soon in Your Healthy Kitchen!

or click here to watch Aimee Novak’s Pesto Possibilities on YouTube.

Download the Carrot Top Pesto Recipe: carrot-top-pesto.pdf
Download Aimee Novak’s Pesto Possibilities: aimee-novak-s-pesto-possibilities.pdf
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