The song “Angels Among Us,” by the band Alabama, declares that angels grace the earth “to show us how to live, to teach us how to give.” For Will Aldaco, those words were inspired by his wife, Toni, who lost her life to breast cancer in 2002.

“Toni taught me how to live and taught us how to give,” says Will, owner of Los Pinos Mexican Restaurant in Prescott. “She had a great spirit.”

During their last conversation before her passing, Toni encouraged her husband to “change, do something different.” In 2003, Will did just that. He traveled to Prescott Valley from the Midwest to visit his brother. Will liked the area so much that he never left.

Will Aldaco displays the angel’s wings that are on display at Los Pinos Mexican Restaurant in memory of his late wife, Toni.

A New Home in Prescott Valley
From the beginning, Will embraced the community by helping neighbors in need and supporting community organizations. He took that a step further in 2017 after purchasing the Pine Cone Inn in Prescott. The Mexican food menu, live music and sprawling dance floor soon made Los Pinos popular with locals and visitors. Will generously opened the restaurant for fundraising events to support charitable organizations and worthy causes. Still, he wanted to do more for a cause very special to him.

“I began talking to friends about what we could do to help women being treated for breast cancer,” Will says. “They have so many needs. It can be overwhelming to women, who are also focused on getting well, and their families, too.”

Remembering Toni and Supporting the Breast Care Center at YRMC
Those conversations led to the “Remembering Toni” event in 2018 and the 2020 event, “Remembering Angels: A Toni Aldaco Initiative to Benefit the Breast Care Center at Yavapai Regional Medical Center.” The most recent fundraiser was co-sponsored by the YRMC Foundation, the Breast Care Center at YRMC, Los Pinos Restaurant and the Summit 4X4 Club.

The two events together raised approximately $55,000 to support patients of the Breast Care Center at Dignity Health, YRMC. The funds help patients focus on healing by providing, for example:

  • Discounted wigs at the Wig Wam in Prescott
  • Post-surgical bras
  • House cleaning services
  • Lodging
  • Transportation to treatment
  • Vouchers for groceries and gas

All of the funds raised have remained in the community with 100 percent of the donations going to patients battling breast cancer.

Get October 16, 2021 on Your Calendar!
Look for another “Remembering Toni” event at Los Pinos on October 16, 2021, to coincide with National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

“When you’re blessed, you need to bless other people,” Will says. “It makes our world, and our community, a little better.”

Clearly, Will has been inspired by his angel, Toni.

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