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I’m here today with my friends and co-workers, Andrea Klein and Kim Friend. Andrea, Kim and I form the diabetes education team at the YRMC Pendleton Wellness Centers in Prescott and Prescott Valley. Andrea shared her incredibly simple and delicious recipe for Cabbage and Bow Ties with us. And I know Kim and I have both made this a staple in our own kitchens, with a few variations! Watch the video to learn how to make this or click on the link below for the complete recipe.

Cabbage and bow ties is a wonderful example of what I call a non-recipe – just some basic ingredients prepared in a simple manner that you can dress up or dress down, as you like! I hope you enjoy this at home, as we do, and create your own version, if you’d like to.

Andrea and Kim, thanks so much for sharing with us today!

Until next time, Andrea, Kim and I will be eating a few bow ties – I’ll see you soon in Your Healthy Kitchen!

or click here to watch the video on YouTube.

Download the Cabbage and Bow Ties Recipe: cabbage-and-bow-ties.pdf