Carly McCarter’s ties to Yavapai Regional Medical Center (YRMC) are as strong as the branches of her family tree. For generations, the McCarter family has called the Prescott area home. Their roots also are deeply planted in YRMC.

“It was like I was raised at the hospital,” said Carly, who was born at YRMC. “There were lots of McCarter’s there when I was growing up.”

During her teen years, Carly spent many hours at the hospital volunteering in the YRMC Gift Shop. Her grandmother, Rose, worked as an administrative assistant at YRMC for years. An uncle was also employed at the hospital.

“I have a nephew who was born at YRMC, too,” Carly said.

Today, Carly’s family members are still part of the YRMC family. A cousin and his wife work in Electrophysiology and the Emergency Department, respectively.

“When I saw it was YRMC’s 75th anniversary,” Carly said, “it brought back so many memories for me. I just wanted to wish the hospital a happy anniversary.”

And YRMC thanks Carly and her family for their long-term commitment to community-based healthcare.