For the team at Yavapai Regional Medical Center (YRMC), serving the community has always meant providing high-quality healthcare services. Recently, however, the definition of “serving the community” has expanded to include providing reliable, expert sourced, up-to-the-minute healthcare information for people throughout the region.

“YRMC’s Vision is to create a Total Healing Environment for the people we serve,” said Kenneth Boush, YRMC Director of Marketing and Communications. “This is an inspiring Vision and it comes with great responsibility. YRMC’s Community Outreach team supports this Vision by delivering the latest healthcare information to help people make informed healthcare decisions as well as to increase their knowledge of the ever-changing world of healthcare.”

In early 2016, Boush and his team broadened how they contribute to building a Total Healing Environment by expanding YRMC’s digital outreach program. The goal? To reach more online consumers with information about YRMC’s health-related services, medical innovations, exceptional providers, educational programs, community events and more. The centerpiece of YRMC’s new digital outreach program is YRMC HealthConnect 2.0 (, a healthcare blog designed for Yavapai County residents.

“YRMC HealthConnect was an established brand that represented YRMC’s commitment to provide health information and education to our community,” Boush said. “With YRMC HealthConnect 2.0, people throughout our region now have access to the same type of information from anywhere via their personal computer, tablet or smart phone.

YRMC HealthConnect 2.0 is a one-stop destination to read about new providers and services, learn about upcoming events and lectures, and even watch the latest episode of YRMC’s Your Healthy Kitchen.

In 2016, YRMC also made great strides with social media, building its presence on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

“People of all ages are finding and sharing information on social channels,” Boush said. “We embraced these networking platforms to better serve our community with information.”

YRMC’s Community Outreach team has also made an investment in technology to livestream important events via the Internet. A good example is the 2016 YRMC Patient Blood Management Symposium that was held at the Yavapai College Performing Arts Center in Prescott. “YRMC is recognized as a leader in the emerging science of Patient Blood Management and there is interest in our program around the world, states Boush. “It only made sense that we would livestream our event so that people around the world could benefit from our symposium.” YRMC will continue to broadcast important healthcare content via the Internet and has plans to livestream their 2017 Patient Blood Management Symposium later this year.

“Social media has the power to build more than a brand,” said Donna Werking, social media expert with Northern AZ Social. “It builds a loyal following. Your followers will share information from your blog and social channels with their friends and family. It’s simply how people communicate today. Social media is a necessity to the hospital’s marketing strategy.”

Want to follow YRMC on social media? Reach us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and turn to YRMC HealthConnect 2.0 for more YRMC news and information. You can also follow YRMC’s Your Healthy Kitchen on Facebook.