Dr. Anil Kumar: Why Worrying About Your Varicose Veins is Not Vain

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Varicose veins are more than a cosmetic issue, according to Anil Kumar, MD, ABVLM, RPVI, RPhS, FACC, FSVM, Medical Director of The Vein Center at YRMC in Prescott Valley.

“Varicose veins are a potentially dangerous health issue that people often overlook,” Dr. Kumar said. “Without treatment, symptoms may progress and severely impact your quality of life. It’s our mission to educate and treat people about all aspects of vein health at YRMC’s Vein Center.”

Dr. Kumar shares practical information on vein health during Varicose Veins – More Than a Cosmetic Issue. An accomplished vein specialist and vascular medicine physician, Dr. Kumar talks about:

  • Strategies to prevent varicose veins and other vein disorders.
  • Signs of vein disease that are often misunderstood, or worse, misdiagnosed.
  • Factors that increase your risk for vein disease (some you can control and others you can’t).
  • The latest treatments for vein disease, from compression stockings to advanced procedures.

Dr. Kumar even shares this “tip sheet” for healthy legs and good circulation.

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