Have you embraced healthy habits to help prevent breast cancer? Those same behaviors also keep hearts strong, blood pressures in check, glucose levels in the healthy range and more.

“You’re a whole person, which means your body’s systems work together,” says LaNette Smith, MD, Breast Surgeon, Dignity Health, Yavapai Regional Medical Group (YRMG). “For example, the same things that lower your risk for cardiovascular disease – exercise, eating a nutritious diet, maintaining a healthy body weight and not smoking – also decrease your risk of breast cancer.”

During October – Breast Cancer Awareness Month – Dr. Smith and the YRMG, Breast Surgery team remind you of the collective benefits of a healthy lifestyle and also offer these breast-health tips:

  • Start yearly screening mammography at age 40 and continue screening for as long as you are healthy.
  • Screening mammography is our best tool for detecting breast cancer earlier. Alternative screening methods should not replace screening mammography. Certain tests, like breast ultrasound and breast MRI, are used in addition to mammography.
  • Discuss your personal risk for breast cancer with your physician. Risk assessment is important to creating individualized breast screening plans.
  • Help prevent breast cancer or decrease your risk for recurrence by getting regular exercise, eating a nutritious diet, maintaining a healthy body weight, limiting alcohol and not smoking.
  • Do not let lack of health insurance or financial concerns stand in the way of your yearly mammogram. The YRMG, Breast Surgery team can connect you to resources.

Learn more about breast health and YRMG, Breast Surgery here or call (928) 442-8740. To schedule a mammogram, contact your physician or the Breast Care Center at Dignity Health, Yavapai Regional Medical Center at (928) 442-8900.