A recently launched online portal allows patients of Dignity Health, Yavapai Regional Medical Center (YRMC), Yavapai Regional Medical Group (YRMG), and any YRMC diagnostic or treatment center to securely pre-register for scheduled medical appointments.

“This is an incredible convenience for patients,” says Adraine Newell-Bauer, Director of Patient Access, Dignity Health – System Central Business Office. “With this new process, our patients can register for medical appointments up to 30 days before their visit. By pre-registering, patients can fast track their check-in on the day of their appointment.”

Using the pre-registration portal, patients complete the necessary forms from their desktop or laptop computer, tablet or smart phone—anywhere an internet connection is available.

How do patients access the pre-registration portal? YRMC has created two paths to the pre-registration portal:

  • A link to the pre-registration portal – This link is included in the confirmation email sent to patients after scheduling an appointment.
  • YRMC CareConnect – Patients can access online pre-registration at DignityHealth.org/YRMC and log-on to YRMC CareConnect, our patient portal. (Patients who haven’t set up a YRMC CareConnect account can do so at this time.)

“Every step of the pre-registration process is outlined on the new portal,” Newell-Bauer explains. “After you complete the registration, you’ll receive a bar code. That’s what you use to check in when you arrive for your appointment.”

A Peek at the Pre-Registration Portal
A patient’s first stop is their pre-registration dashboard, which they access by signing on to YRMC CareConnect or using the link in their confirmation email. On the dashboard, patients will see their upcoming appointment. A click of the “Register” button confirms the appointment and takes the patient to the Pre-Registration Portal.

Here’s an overview of the other components that comprise the Pre-Registration Portal:

  • Profile – Have you moved? Do you have a new email? This is where you can update that important contact information. It’s also where you will be asked to confirm your preferred language, marital status, employment, primary next of kin, emergency contact and more. “This information flows from the scheduler who set up your appointment,” says Kelli Brooks, Business Systems Analyst, Patient Financial Services at Dignity Health – System Central Business Office. “For most people, it will be a matter of confirming that everything is accurate.”
  • Insurance – This section of the pre-registration process focuses on your health coverage. Again, this confirms the information gathered when scheduling an appointment. There’s also an option for the patient to upload a copy of their health insurance card.
  • Questionnaires – Patients can request an interpreter and other communications assistance in this section of the Pre-Registration Portal. Additionally, patients will learn about Arizona’s Health Information Exchange and receive a document that outlines the rights of every patient. Advance directives and medical power of attorney forms are also available. “Medicare patients will be asked to answer the standard questions Medicare requires,” Brooks says. “This is also where people can learn about YRMC’s Patient Financial Assistance Program.” At the end of the pre-registration process, patients will have the option to print all of these forms.
  • Confirmation – During this final pre-registration step, patients receive a barcode to take with them to their scheduled appointment. There are instructions on how to save the barcode to your phone, take a photo of it, or print it for your appointment. “When you arrive for your appointment,” explains Brooks, “you’ll scan the barcode at one of our kiosks.”

Once patients are checked in, they can grab a magazine, peruse their phone or just relax until they’re called for their appointment.

YRMC team members are ready to assist people who have questions about pre-registering. The Online Pre-Registration Hotline – at (928) 771-5547 or [email protected] – is available from 8 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday.