How to Build and Grow Your Own Backyard Garden

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Spring is in the air and we are digging in the dirt here at YRMC’s Your Healthy Kitchen! Growing vegetables, fruits and herbs in a backyard garden can be a never-ending source of joy, learning, and of course, delicious food. However, gardening in a high desert environment can also be challenging, so we asked Daniel Blake, local owner of Living Soils, Inc. to share some helpful tips and tricks.

Daniel has more than 40 years of experience designing gardens and teaching people around the world how to grow their own food. In our newest episode of YRMC’s Your Healthy Kitchen, Daniel walks us through the steps of building a sturdy raised garden bed; irrigating so your vegetables can thrive in summer’s heat; and most importantly, building healthy soil.  Daniel uses native dirt to fill his garden beds, which he fortifies with minerals and organic matter to build a strong, nutrient-rich base for seeds and plants.

Daniel explains, “When you build healthy, nutrient rich soil that naturally holds onto moisture and feeds your plants, those plants resist pests and provide more nutrients to you when you eat them.  So much depends on the soil.”

Daniel offers mentoring services and classes for novice and experienced gardeners alike.  He also has tips on building a compost pile, growing food from seeds, and much more posted at

Once you’ve harvested or stocked up on the best produce spring has to offer, try this beautiful herb and green salad dressed with a light and bright dressing.  It’s one of my favorite ways to celebrate the flavors of spring!

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