Angelina Lopez Richardson has a special place in her heart for Yavapai Regional Medical Center (YRMC) that spans 50 years.

It began in 1968 when Angie – a kindergartner at the time – had a tonsillectomy and was recovering at Yavapai Community Hospital, now YRMC.

Angie’s room had a Jack and Jill bathroom that she shared with a boy on the other side. She recalls the boy often locked her door so that she was unable to get into the bathroom. One day during her hospitalization, a nurse found Angie in tears. Angie shared her story with the nurse, who made sure the boy understood the door should remain unlocked.

“That nurse took care of me just like my Mom,” Angie said. “I remember her bringing me Popsicles, spending time with me and even coloring pictures with me. I think about her to this day.”

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A Return Visit to YRMC

Fast forward five decades: Angie is married, a mother and grandmother with a career in healthcare. In February 2018, Angie experienced chest pains and went immediately to the Emergency Department at YRMC West. She was quickly admitted to the James Family Heart Center for observation and testing.

“I had a heart attack,” she said, “and I needed triple bypass surgery.”

Just like decades before, Angie knew she was in good hands at YRMC’s James Family Heart Center. After surgery, Angie began working with YRMC’s Cardiac Rehabilitation team. Today, she works out on the treadmill, walks and continues to heal.

Angie Shares her Heart with YRMC

Angie’s voice trembles when she speaks about her community hospital. It’s where her mother worked for decades and two sisters still work. It’s a place with people who cared for her as a youngster and as an adult.

“Through the care of YRMC, I’m here today to share this moment with you,” Angie said. “I can’t think of another place I’d rather have medical care done.”