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I cook with salt because it brings out the natural flavor in food. When you cook using a little bit in the beginning, a little bit in the middle and maybe a little bit at the end you actually use less salt than if you just wait until the end and pour it all in. So remember, using salt in little pinches throughout your cooking, it really does make a difference.

I found this amazing recipe in this cookbook that I fell in love with, called “Afro-Vegan”; all-vegan recipes by Bryant Terry that are just filled with so much flavor! He has this great recipe for Basil Salt that I really enjoy making and will be sharing with you today. Feel free to click on the video for a demonstration of this recipe or click on the link below for the complete recipe.

The great thing about flavored salts is that they keep well for months and it’s much easier to cook with them because you might not always have fresh herbs on hand.

I also love using red peppers to make sauces or purees. I just roast them in the oven for a total of 1 hour, 30 minutes on each side at 400 degrees. You want them to get nice and chard, to add flavor to them and also it makes the skin come off very easily. To make the roasted red bell pepper puree or sauce, please watch the video for the demonstration or click on the link below for the complete recipe.

It’s super nutritious, all those red colored foods are so good for you. It’s pigment or what makes it red is called lycopene, it’s a super duper antioxidant, probably the strongest antioxidant out there and also anti-inflammatory, cancer preventative phytochemical that is so very vibrant and delicious.

So get out there and load your shopping cart with all the colors of the rainbow and eat healthy, flavorful and delicious food!

Click here to watch Flavored Salts and Sauces on YouTube.

Download the Basil Salt and Roasted Chili Salt Recipe: basil-salt-and-roasted-chili-salt.pdf
Download the Roasted Red Bell Pepper Puree Recipe: roasted-red-bell-pepper-puree.pdf
Download the Red Bell Pepper Vinaigrette Recipe: red-bell-pepper-vinaigrette.pdf