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A Healthy Composed Salad is one which each component or ingredient is elaborately put together or arranged neatly on a plate rather than tossed like we typically get when we order salad. Change the presentation and change the experience for your guests by offering different ingredients and providing endless possibilities for all to enjoy!

When deciding what ingredients should be a part of your composed salad, first think of what entrée will the salad be paired up with during the meal and choose ingredients that will go well together. Think of it like you would do when pairing a meal with a good wine.

When I’m putting together a composed salad, I always like to think of these three things: color, texture and taste. And I also always like to start with some nice leafy greens; they really are just the perfect vehicle for holding dressings and everything else that we choose to add to our salad. For more details on choosing the color, texture and taste of your composed salad click on the video and I will demonstrate some exciting options. Trust me, It’s much easier than you think!

Click here to watch Composed Salads on YouTube.

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