Rita on Morning Scramble Kick-Off! – Your Healthy Kitchen

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I’m so excited to share my first of many visits to AZTV’s Morning Scramble with Sandy Moss, where I will be cooking all sorts of healthy and delicious meals to share with the community. As a registered dietician and certified diabetes instructor here at YRMC, I work with patients mostly with heart disease, obesity and diabetes helping them adapt to healthier habits and lifestyles. I have a professional cooking background and I really like bringing that into my counseling with patients because they want to know what to eat and how to cook it.

One day at YRMC we were just having a conversation on how to increase our nutrition education outreach to the community and the idea of having a cooking show came up and I immediately raised my hand. That is how we created the YRMC Your Healthy Kitchen show.

And now in that same spirit we are kicking off this initiative. So once a month I will be joining Sandy and her crew in their kitchen and we’ll be cooking up some great recipes to show more people in the community how to eat healthy!

My focus will be on education about food, cooking nutrition and to show people how affordable it can be to eat healthy and delicious meals.

Hope you enjoy and remember to stay tuned once a month on Morning Scramble!

or click here to watch the Rita on Morning Scramble Kick-Off video on YouTube