For years, Eben Fetters and his wife Nelda had been regular participants at the fitness classes offered by the Pendleton Center at Dignity Health – Yavapai Regional Medical Center. That is, until the pandemic hit.

“When Covid-19 shut things down, we really missed the classes and the exercise routines, not to mention the interactions with our wonderful instructors,” says Fetters.

Although in-person opportunities became limited, it was important for Fetters and his wife to continue their focus on keeping fit and getting regular cardiac conditioning.

Similarly, Mary Meyers needed to find a way to maintain the progress she had made since her joint replacement surgery.

The staff at the Pendleton Center heard Fetters, Meyers and many other loyal Pendleton fitness participants, as well as newcomers, loud and clear. A full range of live fitness classes is now available online, free of charge.

“People are so isolated these days and tend to be more sedentary,” notes Andrea Klein, Director of Preventive Medicine and Wellness, Arizona Division, Dignity Health – YRMC Cardiac Rehabilitation. “It’s important to stay active and engaged, maybe now more than ever. We’re offering an easy opportunity to stay active safely.”

There’s something for all ages and all fitness levels, including Yoga/Pilates, Balance and Strength, Tai Chi, Low Impact Workout, Circuit Training, Chair Yoga, Seated Chair Class and Interval Training.

The classes also provide an opportunity to receive real-time feedback and encouragement from trained Pendleton Center instructors.

“The instructors are all aware of our needs and make the sessions meaningful and fun,” says Judy Dore, who takes the Balance and Strength class as well as the Low Impact Workout. “This is a great service and I hope it continues until the gym opens up again.”

“We can pick and choose the classes we want,” explains Fetter. “The instructors are the same, the routines are the same and the class time of 45 minutes is the same as when we were doing the classes in person.”

Meyers reports that her balance has steadily increased since her joint surgery, thanks to the Balance and Strength class she attends from home. “Thank you, YRMC for making this class available online,” she says.

Sandra Nearing has been exercising at the Pendleton Center since 2018. She joined the Low Impact Workout virtual classes about 5 weeks ago.

“The convenience and consistency motivate me and give me more energy to get through the day,” she says. “I keep a ‘tight tummy’ the remainder of the day.”

Registration is easy. Click here to learn about the various classes, class times and to sign up. Once you’re registered, you’ll receive an email invitation for a series of WebEx meetings called Pendleton Virtual Classes. Accept the series and simply sign in when you want to attend a class.

Or you can contact the Pendleton Center in Prescott at (928) 771-5794 or Prescott Valley at (928) 759-5920 for assistance.

Klein encourages those who are just starting an exercise program to talk with their care provider.

She shares a few additional tips. “Create a safe place in your home with a chair. Have water on hand. Wear comfortable clothes and safe shoes. Remember, you need a computer that has a camera so that you can see the instructor. And of course, if you have any concerns or questions at any time, communicate them to your instructor.”

Klein says that feedback has been very positive. “People are grateful to have the opportunity to have healthy activities, to be a part of a group, and to stay connected to the Pendleton Center from the safety of their home.”

“My compliments to YRMC for understanding our interest in staying fit in these unusual times,” Fetter adds. “They are providing a much-needed service. Compliments also go to the Pendleton Wellness Staff for their ongoing hard work and support.”