Super Bowl Sunday’s Heart-Healthier Loaded Nachos

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February is all about things related to the heart… and football! In fact, February was named National Heart Month in 1963, and it’s been Super Bowl Sunday month since 2004. This creates a puzzling question: For those of us who are trying to eat heart-healthier, what should we serve on game day?

Rita has the answer! In this segment, our host, Registered Dietician and Certified Diabetes Educator Rita Carey Rubin, prepares for Super Bowl LIV by tackling (pun intended!) her Heart Healthier Loaded Nachos with Zesty Cilantro Sauce recipe. She demonstrates layer-by-layer what goes into this fresh, delicious, crowd-pleasing snack.

It’s all about choosing (or making!) the best chips, piling on fresh veggies and beans, and adding a little high-quality cheese. Top it off with Rita’s special blend of phytochemical-packed sauces and you’re ready for kickoff. Rita even makes shopping suggestions for the tastiest chips and cheeses, including vegan options!

This is one of the few things that 49ers and Chiefs fans can agree on: These nachos are easy to make, and delicious! So download the recipe, make a big platter of these hearty nachos, sit back, and enjoy the game!

Click here to download Rita’s Heart Healthier Loaded Nachos with Zesty Cilantro Sauce recipe.

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