Teachers and Parents Enjoy the Premium Features of GoNoodle Plus

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Chances are, if you have an elementary school aged child, you’ve heard of GoNoodle, a web-based suite of hundreds of learning games. The GoNoodle games and videos are designed to get kids dancing, running, jumping, stretching, deep breathing, and more. Kids become familiar with the fun, engaging characters and look forward to exercising with them again and again.

Teachers across the Quad-City school districts have incorporated GoNoodle’s interactive learning games into their classrooms to assist with practicing math, spelling and social studies skills. They’re logging into GoNoodle throughout the day for exercise and stretch sessions to keep students active and engaged.

What many teachers don’t know, however, is that they have access to the premium version of GoNoodle for free, called GoNoodle Plus, thanks to a sponsorship from Yavapai Regional Medical Center. Parents in the YRMC service area have access to GoNoodle Plus as well.

GoNoodle Plus has all the features of GoNoodle, plus several substantial additions.

With GoNoodle Plus, teachers can input their own content so that the games and activities are customized to their specific curriculum, classroom, or individual students’ needs. Teachers also have the option of choosing from hundreds of expertly curated math, spelling, ELA, science and social studies question sets.

Parents who have internet access at home can use any of the custom question sets that their child’s teacher has created. For example, teachers can send home their customized weekly spelling lists, mental math facts or science content. From there, parents and children can turn study time into fun, energetic exercise time with GoNoodle songs and GoNoodle dance. This may be one of the rare times kids actually enjoy doing homework! Parents can also download the GoNoodle app for free for GoNoodle on the go.

If you have a K-5 student in any of the major school districts in the area such as Prescott Unified, Humboldt Unified or Chino Valley Unified, or in many of the private schools or home school groups, you may have seen them come home with Learning Extensions, which are printable worksheets and activities paired with more than one hundred GoNoodle videos. This is another added feature of GoNoodle Plus.

Usage reports are sent each month to GoNoodle Plus teachers. These reports provide easy tracking of teacher and student usage minutes. Support and training opportunities are also available for Plus users.

Teachers and parents can get started by visiting GoNoodle.com and creating an account. You’ll be asked for your name, your choice of username and password, and whether you are a parent or teacher. Please note that if you already have a GoNoodle account, you don’t need to establish a new account. You have access to the GoNoodle Plus features automatically if you live in the YRMC service area.

Once you have an account, you can begin exploring the many features of GoNoodle Plus, thanks to YRMC’s generous sponsorship. Take some time to try out the games, activities, songs and exercise programs designed to keep your child, or your class, active, engaged and ready to learn.

“GoNoodle Plus aligns very well with our Vision of a Total Healing Environment which is based on caring for the body, mind and spirit,” says Robbie Nicol, Executive Director, Community Outreach and Philanthropy at YRMC. “YRMC is proud to sponsor programs like GoNoodle Plus, as well as Partners for Healthy Students and the YRMC Family Resource Center, that enrich the lives of children and young families in our community.”

For more information about YRMC’s sponsorship of GoNoodle Plus, contact the Community Outreach Department at [email protected]