That’s a Wrap!

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These days, many of us are looking for convenient, easy meal ideas, but we want to make sure they’re as healthy as possible. Rita Carey Rubin, Registered Dietician, Diabetes Educator and host of Yavapai Regional Medical Center’s Your Healthy Kitchen, says that wraps can be some of the best choices around. But, she says, you have to be careful about which wraps you choose. Tortillas are the most well-known wraps, especially here in the Southwest, but now there are lots of additional, and often healthier, options.

Rita suggests looking for the word “whole” when reading the label, as in “whole wheat” or “whole spelt” which means that the entire grain is used, boosting the nutritional and fiber content. This is particularly beneficial to those who are diabetic, as whole grains tend to raise blood sugar less than refined grains.

Counting the number of ingredients is also an easy way to judge the nutritional content of the wrap. “Typically, the less ingredients, the better,” Rita says, “Especially if some of those ingredients are hard to pronounce, which may indicate that there are additives.”

Once you’ve chosen a healthy wrap, what do you fill it with? Rita has a three-step approach:

  1. Spread the inside of the wrap with a sauce, such as tzatziki (made with yogurt, garlic and cucumber), hummus, tapenade or pesto, which will give the wrap some moisture.
  2. Next, add your choice of protein, such as chicken, turkey, fish or grilled tofu.
  3. Finally, top it with some veggies, such as diced red peppers, onion and greens.

Roll it up and you’re ready to enjoy a tasty, nutritious wrap!

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