These days, we are all experiencing varying levels of disruption and stress in our lives – reduction or loss of income, stay-at-home measures, and limitations on where we can go when we do venture out.

Parents who have children at home have the added responsibility of facilitating their children’s continuing education, often while juggling their own full-time job. Many single parents are shouldering the entire ‘new normal’ with little and sometimes no help.

Perhaps now more than ever, the Family Resource Center at Yavapai Regional Medical Center (YRMC) brings the support that so many families need. They have adapted some of the ways they connect with families, but continue to be readily available with resources, guidance, educational materials, a listening ear, and (virtual, for now!) home visits.

David Barko, Director of the Family Resource Center at YRMC, explains why these services are more important than ever.

“We have always been here to give parents the tools that can help ease the stress that comes with parenting,” says Barko. “It’s important for parents to recognize that in these trying times, they really are dealing with more stress than usual, and it’s important to ask for help because no one can do it alone.”

The Family Resource Center’s strength is in its ability to connect with parents and families on a personal level. The Healthy Families program is for expectant parents as well as parents who have recently given birth. It is offered free of charge. A specially trained staff member, assigned and dedicated to each family, visits the family each week and offers resources, ideas, information and support.

“Trying to balance support and safety, we have discontinued in-person Healthy Families visits for most families for now. Instead, we’re visiting families through phone calls, texts, FaceTime, Zoom, whatever is easiest for the family,” says Barko. “Curriculum and other information, such as food and nutrition ideas, financial information, self-care and activities for the kids can be emailed, texted, or mailed. Our goal is to continue supporting our families with as little disruption as possible, and to keep everyone safe.”

Healthy Families will follow CDC and DHS guidelines to determine when it is safe to return into homes.

Even if you’re a parent or expectant parent who is not currently a part of the Healthy Families program, Barko encourages you to reach out to the Family Resource Center with any questions, worries or concerns you may have during this difficult time.

You can connect with the Family Resource Center at YRMC by calling or texting (928) 499-9843.