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Believe it or not, a healthy lifestyle can definitely include rich, delicious sweets. The secret is to use the right ingredients and enjoy them in moderation.

Rita Carey-Rubin, Registered Dietician, Diabetes Educator and host of YRMC’s Your Healthy Kitchen shares the reason why. “If you want to eat something sweet, I think it’s important to make and eat the treats you really enjoy. Sometimes desserts just don’t deliver the satisfaction and pleasure we are hoping for, so we wind up eating too much, searching for that satisfaction.”

A satisfying and healthy choice, sure to quell your craving for sweets are Coconut Pecan Chocolate Truffles. Rita’s version is sweet, rich and nutrient-dense. She suggests that the more nutrient-dense our food is, the less it takes to satisfy our hunger and cravings. She recently visited Sandy and Friends on AZTV to share the recipe.

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Dark chocolate and cocoa are nutritional powerhouses. They contain important antioxidants – phytochemicals called catechin and epicatechin – that protect all of the cells in our body, including brain cells, from damage and aging. Add nutritious dates, pecans and coconut and your tastebuds will thank you!

Rita’s recipe perfectly reflects her advice regarding healthy sweets. “We don’t have to feel guilty if we use healthy ingredients and eat desserts mindfully and soulfully, enjoying every bite,” she says.

Download the Coconut Pecan Chocolate Truffles Recipe.