They look a little like R2-D2 – the charming Star Wars droid – but they have the killer instinct of Darth Vader.

Meet Tru-D® SmartUVC—three germ-eliminating robots that are central to Yavapai Regional Medical Center’s (YRMC) strict disinfection procedures. YRMC’s Tru-D robots use the latest technology to destroy germs and protect patients. And they’re doing an excellent job at both YRMC West in Prescott and YRMC East in Prescott Valley.

What’s the science behind Tru-D’s germ-killing power? Tru-D generates UVC light energy that changes the DNA or RNA structure of an infectious cell. The robot’s sensors figure the amount of UVC energy needed to disinfect an entire hospital room. Tru-D calculates the room’s size, shape and even accounts for different types of surfaces. With this information, Tru-D unleashes a lethal dose of ultraviolet light that destroys the microorganisms that cause infection.

According to YRMC Infection Preventionist Kim Horn, RN, MPH, Tru-D is an excellent example of how smart technology works in the healthcare environment.

“With Tru-D, we can program the specific organism we want destroyed,” she said. “Tru-D also has an iPad interface that tells our team how long it will take to disinfect a room. We can even program Tru-D to text us when the room is sanitized and its ready to move to the next room.”

These germ-eliminating UVC disinfection robots also demonstrate YRMC’s commitment to the people the hospital serves.

“Tru-D is a proactive way to ensure a clean and germ-free environment for our patients, visitors and staff,” said Horn.

And like R2-D2, Tru-D is a robot with a cause.