YRMC’s annual Sandy Zinn Martin Award is a unique honor. In remembrance of a former volunteer who exemplified selflessness, both in the hospital and in the community at large, the award holds special meaning among the volunteers at YRMC.

“When I won that award, it was a total shock,” says 2015 Sandy Zinn Martin Award winner Dottie Zobitz, “It was pure joy and such an honor.”

It wasn’t a shock to those who work with Dottie. She is well-known for her care and concern for others. In her spare time, she has taken volunteers to medical appointments. She has invited volunteers to her home for holidays. She came in to the hospital on her day off to support another volunteer whose husband was having surgery that day. These are just a few examples of Dottie’s giving spirit.

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When asked where this generous nature comes from, Dottie shrugs, “I think it’s something you’re just born with. You just want to help. You see someone who has discomfort or stress and you try to help them. It’s just the way it’s been my whole life and it brings me great joy.”

Over the past 7 years, Dottie has logged more than 1,800 hours as an Escort and in the Emergency Department.

“When I volunteer as an Emergency Room Escort, the most important thing, whether those people are coming in for a procedure or they’re coming in to visit a relative or friend, is that it’s a very stressful situation,” she says, “So I try to make it as comfortable as possible and try to give them a reason to smile. I try to help them feel a little better or a little less stressed. And if I get them to smile, that’s worth everything.”

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