One of the first people you might encounter when you arrive at Yavapai Regional Medical Center is Eric Gulsrud, an outgoing, friendly Courtesy Cart Driver who volunteers his time making sure people get where they need to go. Eric is often the first welcoming contact that patients and guests enjoy as he transports them from the parking lot to the entrance of the hospital.

Eric loves what he does at YRMC and has a keen understanding of the type of person who is drawn to volunteering.

“They’re the doers, not the talkers,” Eric says, “Volunteers are the people who have always been purposeful. They’re the people who were leaders in their community. We have more retired den mothers and scout leaders than probably anyplace on the planet.”


Nancy Thomes, Director of Volunteer Services at YRMC, agrees, “Our volunteers give more than 100,000 hours a year to YRMC. These hard working, dedicated people have made our Volunteer Services program among the largest in western Yavapai County.”

Volunteer opportunities at YRMC vary from information and transportation to patient care areas, patient ambassadors, support services and music and pet therapies, just to name a few.

Although YRMC volunteers assist in many different ways, these like-minded people enjoy a true kinship.

“I’ve made a lot of friends with the people I work with,” Gulsrud says, “We tend to be a very cohesive group, a very dedicated group. And I’d be a little bit dishonest to say it isn’t also very enjoyable.”

For information on volunteer opportunities at Yavapai Regional Medical Center, visit us online, or call:

Volunteer Services, YRMC West, Prescott: (928) 771-5678

Volunteer Services, YRMC East, Prescott Valley: (928) 442-8678