For nearly eleven years, Sandy Perriera has volunteered in the Emergency Department at YRMC East. She has logged more than 3,800 hours in one of the busiest, fastest paced departments at YRMC. Sandy’s can-do attitude and medical background make the Emergency Department a logical choice for her.

“I like being busy. The times I’m not busy, I don’t like it at all! “ Sandy says, “I want to be moving, I want to be in the room, I don’t do anything with the patients, but I do all the clean up, all the instruments, stocking the IV trays, and the medical background that I have has helped with that.”



Calling her a “whirlwind” and the “Energizer Bunny,” members of the Emergency Department staff agree that Sandy consistently goes above and beyond for the department.

“Sandy helps us see more patients faster,” says one staff member. Fellow staffers agree, “She is always smiling, has a cheerful attitude and is a joy to work with.”

Sandy’s role as a volunteer is a very important part of her life. “Volunteering feeds my heart and soul in that I know that I’m making a difference. It’s just very rewarding.”

For information on volunteer opportunities at Yavapai Regional Medical Center, click here, or call:

Volunteer Services, YRMC West, Prescott: (928) 771-5678

Volunteer Services, YRMC East, Prescott Valley: (928) 442-8678

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