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We want to eat healthy in the winter, but just thinking about cold, crisp salads with this kind of weather. It’s just not happening. How do you get a salad to be comforting in the winter? The first thing to think about is using seasonal produce. Fortunately winter is a great time to get greens! There’s a lot of winter greens that have very interesting flavors and textures and that are available in the winter and may not be in the summer. So take advantage of winter greens, winter root veggies like onions, beets, Jerusalem artichokes, and squash to name a few for a healthy and great tasting Winter Salad.

Sandy and I prepare a hearty, healthy Winter Salad featuring some winter greens and a few seasonal fruits and veggies; perfect for these cold winter days. For more information on winter greens and root vegetables and to view a demonstration of this delicious salad click on the video or click on the link below for the complete recipe.

Until next time, stay warm this winter. And, stay healthy eating your winter greens!

or click here to watch making a winter salad on YouTube.