By Justin Khoa Ma, Pharm.D., Pharmacy, Yavapai Regional Medical Center

Did you know that one in two adults with diabetes remain undiagnosed? Multiple factors, such as family history, age, and obesity, increases the risk of diabetes. In 2019, approximately 463 million adults were living with diabetes globally; this is expected to rise to 578 million by 2030.

To combat this global epidemic, the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) and the World Health Organization (WHO) created World Diabetes Day, which is annually recognized on November 14 as it’s also the birthday of Sir Frederick Banting, one of the scientists who discovered insulin. In light of World Diabetes Day, take a moment to review some online resources on diabetes for you and your loved ones.

Online Diabetes Risk Assessment
An important component of World Diabetes Day is to raise diabetes awareness and promote preventative actions. Left untreated, diabetes could result in serious complications, including permanent damage to your eyes, kidney, and nerves. The first step to prevention is early detection. Complete this  60-second, online risk assessment test for type 2 diabetes provided by the American Diabetes Association (ADA) for yourself or for your loved ones. Understanding your specific risks for diabetes will allow for an important conversation between you and your healthcare providers and plan for your next steps.

American Diabetes Association (ADA)
If you are already diagnosed with diabetes, review the online resources provided by the American Diabetes Association here. From healthy and delicious recipes to tips on incorporating exercise into your daily life, this valuable resource is a definite must to check out.

YRMC and the CDC: Diabetes Info and Resources
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also provides a thorough explanation of different components of diabetes, including risk factors, symptoms, and the nuances between prediabetes, gestational diabetes, type 1, and type 2 diabetes. If you are newly diagnosed, check out Yavapai Regional Medical Center’s (YRMC’s) Outpatient Diabetes Self-Management Education Program. Our program includes classes, sessions with a diabetes nurse educator and other diabetes-related information, all designed to help you live better with diabetes.

Healthy Conversations by YRMC
Finally, YRMC provides some excellent resources on caring for your health on our online blog, YRMC HealthConnect. From carb-counting to cooking a healthy, hearty risotto, YRMC strives to provide resources to create a total healing environment that meets our communities’ needs. Subscribe to YRMC HealthConnect and stay tuned for more health-related topics to help you care for yourself and your family!