A Message from Anthony Torres, MD, FACP, President and CEO, Dignity Health Yavapai Regional Medical Center

Dignity Health Yavapai Regional Medical Center (YRMC) offers exceptional health care programs and outstanding clinical services that impress me both as a physician and the organization’s CEO.

Our Patient Blood Management (PBM) program is an excellent example. This program stands out to me for its clinical achievements and because it demonstrates YRMC’s willingness to lead and innovate.

Yavapai Regional is home to Arizona’s only PBM program that is recognized by the Society for the Advancement of Patient Blood Management (SABM). In the United States, approximately 90 hospitals/health systems have earned SABM recognition. It makes me proud to say that YRMC’s efforts surrounding PBM have elevated our organization as a national and global leader in this field.

To truly appreciate this achievement, it’s important to understand PBM and how it can improve patient outcomes. Simply put, PBM aims to support and optimize blood health. This begins before patients are hospitalized for surgery by customizing therapies – nutrition, vitamins, medication management, and more – that prevent or treat anemia. It continues with strategies that detect and treat anemia, minimize the risk for blood loss, and improve overall health in our surgical suites, on the patient care units, and even after the patient leaves the hospital.

What are the results? While blood replacement remains a vital life-saving procedure in our hospital, and within health care in general, growing evidence shows that PBM reduces complications, shortens hospital stays, and results in better long-term outcomes.

YRMC’s PBM program was launched in 2012, thanks to forward-thinking leadership and PBM champions, especially Pierre Tibi, MD, FACS. Dr. Tibi is an internationally known cardiothoracic surgeon and a leading authority on PBM. He serves as the medical director of the James Family Heart Center at Dignity Health Yavapai Regional and YRMC’s PBM program.

Dr. Tibi’s advocacy has placed Yavapai Regional in the center of a world-wide effort to achieve better patient outcomes through PBM.

I encourage you to explore these local and global resources for more information: