The Yavapai Regional Medical Center (YRMC) Foundation has provided $250,000 in COVID-19 relief to support patient care and safety at YRMC during the pandemic.

“The YRMC Foundation is so grateful for the generous support from so many in our community during this time of crisis,” states Robbie Nicol, Executive Director, Yavapai Regional Medical Center Foundation. “Foundation funds have been used to purchase personal protective equipment, decontamination technology, and medical supplies to protect our patients, visitors and caregivers during the pandemic,” adds Nicol.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) purchased with Foundation funds include the now familiar N95 masks and Powered Air Purification Respirators for YRMC caregivers.

Foundation funding also financed more state-of-the-art Tru-D SmartUVC decontamination systems that utilize UVC light to disinfect entire surgical suites and patient rooms. Smaller units are used throughout the hospitals to disinfect items such as medical instruments, keyboards, cell phones and television remotes.

The YRMC Foundation is also underwriting the building rental fee for the Medical Center’s COVID-19 vaccination clinic at the Prescott Gateway Mall. The clinic, staffed by 20 healthcare professionals and volunteers, can administer 500 vaccine doses daily.

In addition to our community’s generous monetary support, the Foundation has received thousands of in-kind gifts from hundreds of donors. These include donations of meals and snacks, personal care items and PPE for staff. “Both hardships and opportunities have filled our landscape these past many months,” states Nicol. “The YRMC Foundation has been called upon to meet patient care needs like never before—both large and small. Through it all our donors and trusted partners have walked beside us in a historic and unprecedented way. And we are very grateful.”

The Yavapai Regional Medical Center Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. One hundred percent of all donations to the YRMC Foundation support Dignity Health, YRMC programs and services in our community. To learn more about the YRMC Foundation, please contact (928) 771–5169 or [email protected] or visit

Robbie Nicol