Over the course of recent years YRMC has joined other forward-thinking healthcare organizations by adopting digital solutions to streamline care and improve the overall patient experience. The primary reason for this is simple. Multidisciplinary healthcare systems like YRMC can serve their patients better through the use of sophisticated Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems and other innovative digital solutions. The advantages include:

  • Accurate, up-to-date information at the point of care;
  • More coordinated, efficient care;
  • Better communication among healthcare providers;
  • More reliable prescribing;
  • Complete documentation and streamlined coding and billing;
  • Privacy and security of patient data.

Such conversions are never easy—it is a journey—but YRMC has come a long way in a relatively short amount of time. Digital technology at YRMC now makes patient data available to providers across the system with a click of a mouse. Data retrieval is now streamlined, imaging studies can be shared as digital files, and physicians can collaborate on the development of care plans at a higher level. YRMC’s digital transformation is also extending care directly into the patient’s home through telemedicine and remote monitoring programs that improve the patient’s experience.

The Journey Continues with Online Appointment Pre-registration

Skipping forward, as of this day YRMC is piloting the use of its digital network to expedite the process you need to follow to preregister for an appointment. To ensure a quality experience and to minimize frustration, this new service is being introduced on a gradual basis.

“We are incredibly excited to offer this convenience to patients, but we want to make sure their experience is positive from the very start,” says Adraine Newell-Bauer, YRMC’s Director of Patient Access. “That’s why we are making it available on a limited basis initially, specifically in support of clinics at our Outpatient Services Center in Prescott Valley.”

Beginning on October 13, patients will have the option to pre-register for appointments online for appointments scheduled at the following clinics located inside of YRMC’s Outpatient Services Center in Prescott Valley (7700 East Florentine Road, Building B, Suite 201):

  • Prescott Valley Cardiac Diagnostic Imaging
  • Prescott Valley Medical Imaging
  • YRMC PhysicianCare – Primary Care
  • YRMC PhysicianCare – Cardiology

“We understand that when a patient arrives for an appointment, the registration process can be time consuming,” says Newell-Bauer. “With our new pre-registration process, patients will be able to register from home, before arriving for their appointment, by using a computer, tablet or smartphone.”

Designed with the Patient in Mind

The pre-registration process is being developed with patient convenience in mind. After the patient calls to schedule an appointment, an appointment confirmation will be sent to the patient via email with instructions on how to subscribe to the reregistration portal. The patient will then follow the provided instructions to complete the pre-registration process. “Patients will use the portal to answer the questions they traditionally have had to answer in person before their appointment,” states Newell-Bauer. “These include questions about insurance, medication, advance directives, patient rights and much more.”  Once the patient completes the pre-registration process, they will be sent a barcode via email. When the patient arrives for their appointment, they will simply scan the barcode via a registration kiosk or tablet.

“Our plan is to introduce this exciting new program to support clinics in our Prescott Valley Outpatient Services Center,” states Newell-Bauer. “We intend to make this time-saving program available system-wide in the very near future.”

The pre-registration portal is another advancement made possible by the YRMC’s commitment to patient satisfaction and is coming soon to a YRMC clinic near you.