YRMC’s Family Resource Center and Your Healthy Kitchen Team Up for Healthy Kids!

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Busy kids require a lot of nutrient-dense fuel to learn, grow, and enjoy healthy, active lives.  Because snacks are a big source of energy in most kids’ diets, it’s important to provide a variety of little meals that contain slow burning, un-processed carbohydrates for energy, beneficial fats for developing brains, and healthy proteins to build muscle and other growing body tissues.  David Barko, MSSA, LCSW, Director of the YRMC Family Resource Center, joined me in the YRMC Your Healthy Kitchen studio recently to make some fun snacks for on-the-go-kids.  We also talked about the great programs the Family Resource Center provides, and how those programs support the health and development of children and families throughout Yavapai County.

David worked as a Child and Family Therapist for ten years before moving to Prescott, where his passion for healthy child and family development found a home at the YRMC Family Resource Center (FRC).  David directs and manages three free programs at FRC designed to support parents and give children the best possible start in life. These include, First Steps, Healthy Families and the Car Seat Safety Program.  He eloquently describes the work he and his dedicated team do each day.  “Prevention is the name of the game at FRC.  We see a lot of generational cycles in families; with parents who went through a lot growing up, and who now want their own kids to have a better childhood and start in life.  We know that it’s impossible to separate biology, psychology, and environmental factors when it comes to someone’s health.  This is especially true with children, because most brain development occurs in the first five years of life.”

Tune in to our newest video to hear more about the work David and his team do while we make some healthy snacks!

Recipe for Chocolate Hummus

Recipe for Cinnamon Sunflower Seed Butter

Recipe for Homemade Ranch Dressing

Be sure to check out this 4-minute video from Alberta Family Wellness, as well.  It clearly and cleverly illustrates how kids’ brains are built, from infancy on. The video also offers tips for parents and caregivers on how to nurture a young person’s brain, and gives a good overview of many of the Family Resource Center’s objectives and goals.  Take a look – it’s worth your time!


Remember to check out all of our videos and our collection of healthy, delicious, family friendly, and easy recipes at YRMC Health Connect.  You can also join me in my kitchen at home, by following me on Facebook, at YRMC’s Your Healthy Kitchen, where you’ll see the latest recipes, photos and videos of the food I make at home, plus links to my favorite food, nutrition and gardening destinations on the Web. Also, contact the YRMC Family Resource Center via text at 928-499-9843 or phone at 928-771-5651, to learn more about how you, your family or loved ones can take advantage of the great programs and support available at no charge, to families in Yavapai County!